10 Keys to Unlock Creativity

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Is your creativity burning inside you, trying to get out? Now is the time to invest in yourself and unlock your creative flow.

You love art. You love creating. But things - SO MANY THINGS - get in the way. Every time you think about any project you'd like to work on or complete, you get DUMPED on by a huge load of expectations and fears, and it keeps you away from your creativity like a flaming wall.

That wall is made of lots of things. Fear of being a failure. A feeling of duty - mundane tasks and service to others (family, friends, work and even housekeeping chores) have to be taken care of BEFORE your creative time. Perfectionism and the frustration of never feeling your art is 'good enough'. Always feeling that you 'SHOULD' be doing something else. Comparing yourself to others - feeling like a fraud who's just not talented.

Imagine the ability to create your best art more frequently, free from stress and fear, free from procrastination and frustration - just free! Filled to the brim with inspiration, and creating the art and dance and work that you want to - regularly and with wild abandon. ;)

This short but powerful video course is for people who have an artistic desire BURNING in their hearts, but have lots of things keeping them from their full abilities - or even sometimes BEGINNING on a project. We will teach you to deal with your roadblocks. Your results from taking this course will be:

  • No more dry spells.
  • Fewer frustrations, less burnout.
  • More magic, more mountaintop experiences with creating, more joy in it.
  • Over time, a nice, big body of creative work that you can be proud of in your field, if you so desire.

Register now, get our your notebook and pen, and get ready to journal, take notes, doodle, whatever it takes for you to get down all the ideas and a-ha moments you'll have during the course - and take the tips you'll get out into your future. The artistic, creative, richly textured future you're about to create for yourself. I believe in you! And the world needs your creative influence!


BONUS: Gorgeous downloadable PDF worksheets for you to keep and use over and over! I made sure they were as dreamy as your creative process, reminiscent of a walk in the woods - though you're always welcome to simply write in your own notebooks.

Testimonials from Amy's students:

"Like a taser to get your creative butt moving! Talk about lighting the fire...This course is inspiring and informative. It also pushes you to make the changes you need to let loose your creative juices. This was the wake up call I needed to really confront my obsessive compulsive disorder and how much of my life it consumes, including my time and space for creativity. Bring it! Notebooks are in hand! It's on! ~Krista, student

"When I walked into the Belly Lab (Amy's dance studio) I was like a creatively-crippled bird...and from the moment class begun, Amy guided and inspired me through each step, there is truly so much more that really occurs....I was supported to open my wings! And now I feel as if I am flying again..." Julie Ann Stage/Lehrke

Amy Danielson

Amy Danielson

Owner and Director of Bold Oracle Studios

Amy's teaching style is characterized by her main motivating passion - helping others to honor themselves and their creativity. She classifies herself as a catalyst. This is because her motivation is to inspire others to succeed.

During a long period of her life, after an early marriage and having 3 beautiful children, Amy tucked away not only her artistic side and her own imagination, but even her own personality - believing that was her duty as a loving mother. After 12 years of watching herself slowly disappear, one day she watched as the twin towers fell on live television - and she realized that life is short. Life is not guaranteed. And that if she died today, she would never have lived at all as an individual - she'd only allowed the 'mom and wife' persona to exist. It took a while to dig herself out from that pit, and a ton of exploration and learning. Now, she tries to help people to get past the barriers that keep them from fully realizing their own creative potential.

to contact:

Amy Danielson - boldoraclestudios@gmail.com

Course Contents

10 Videos

1 Survey

5 Texts

3 PDFs

5.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Limit Yourself and Become Limitless

You Can't Cook Dinner if There's Nothing in the Kitchen

Indulgence, My Friend

The Wonderful Mess

How Dance Inspires Creativity - So Take a Walk

As If Life Wasn't Crazy Enough - PUSH IT.

Who Is Allowed on Your Creative Team?